March 5, 2010


The Valley gets a bad rap. Westside snobs caustically snipe all day but the basin between the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains has brought us such fine things as Poquito Mas, Paul Thomas Anderson, Daniel Russo, and now SFV Acid. The DJ/producer born Zane Reynolds crafts a psychedelia alien to those expecting swirling guitars and elliptical chants, opting for ideas instead of orthodoxy. So we get refulgent rainbow synth washes and drums that skitter like a wandering mind, loping five minute tracks that resemble a compromise between Dam-Funk, Tobacco, and the blunted beats that smoke out of the Low End Theory. A slinking drugged funk equally equipped for late night Freeway drives and scorching Summer days.

With the weather getting warmer and my inability to score high grade blotter acid at an all time high, I sent SFV Acid a few questions hoping to learn more about the man behind the mist.

How did you pick the name SFV Acid?

It happened in the 11th grade. I was into acid music or music I thought was acid music (not just house stuff)— and no one really reps the valley!!! So I had to.

Do you live in the San Fernando Valley?

Of Course! The Valleys the best.

Is the acid better there?

Ya…… I guess. Haven’t done it anywhere else..

Can you procure me acid from the San Fernando Valley.

Don’t know any dealers no mo….Sorry.

If you could ride a bizarrely painted bus through the upstate New York countryside, who would you want as company?


What are your five favorite records made under the influence of lysergics?

???? Don’t really know any good albums made under the use of lysergics.

Would you rather see the new Alice in Wonderland movie or hear the new
Alice in Chains record?

Neither !! Please !!

How make better is Alice Coltrane than both of them combined?

Way Better.

If you could have scored one film that’s already been made, what would it be?

Can’t really think of one. I dropped out of being interested in all kinds of film for about 2 years now.. Which kind of sucks sometimes.

I’m 100% out of the loop!

What are your thoughts on Twitter?

No Thoughts about Twits.

How would you describe yourself in 140 characters or less?

Walking, Drawing, Making Music, No Car, Not a Total Zombie, Kombucha!!

MP3:  SFV Acid – “New West Coast”
MP3: SFV Acid – “Perv”

MP3: SFV Acid  – Live @ Dublab: “Acidic Sprout Sessions” 

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