April 11, 2010


It’s hour 36 and the the hyperbolic decompression from Friday night’s show continues.  By all accounts, the evening was a smashing success. Rah Al Milio’s mushroom fondue went over well, 5 0′ Clock Shadowboxers revived Blue Oyster Cult for the millenial generation, Nocando taught the bespectacled and be-blazered set how to freestyle, and The Holloys may or may not be taking me to a Native American shaman sometime soon. A sincere thank you to those who came, helped spread the word, offered me free drugs.

Thankfully, the Low End Theory dropped it’s 14th consecutive end-to-end burner this weekend, providing the perfect soundtrack for a blunted and bug-eyed Sunday afternoon. DJ Nobody runs the front half of the podcast with some Gonjasufi, Flying Lotus, and sundry stoned raiders in outer space music — he even mixes in a little New Boyz. Gaslamp Killer and Nocando are the rising stars, D-Styles is the legend, and Daddy Kev is the mastermind, but Nobody is the unsung hero of the residents. Granted, home listening loses something in translation, but this mix provides more prima facie evidence.  Take does similar destruction, but I’ll wait for the more formal review of his excellent Only Mountain, to dole out the necessary hyberbole. You know how we do.

MP3: Low End Theory Podcast XIV: Nobody & Take

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