I’d been planning to write about this song for the imaginary new Rap Language post that exists only in my head. But in the wake of this Complex interview that’s been making the rounds, it’s worthy of a re-post. I can’t add much to what Sach said: “never really checked for this guy because Cam’ron usually chooses shitty production these days but this is a good fucking rap song. Comparing yourself to L and updating an Ebonics verse takes balls but he acquits himself nicely. This is rap music that I can cosign. Also: boom-bap drums.”

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that every other good rap song seems to use Big L, Biggie, or Meth for a hook, but I will not complain. For what it’s worth, I also place a high value on Ruth Chris and Ron Artest — even if his jump shot boasts the caveman touch of his rap lyrics. Also, “slimed” is solid slang. I demand the next U.N. mixtape to be Ghostbusters themed.


MP3: Vado – “Large on the Streets”

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