June 11, 2010

1. Ras Kass must have really really hated Will Smith in 97′.

2. Is Miami the one region that’s safe to dedicate songs to no matter your geographical origin? You never hear Californians or New Yorkers professing their love for other cities in long-form except for M.I.A. Guess it doesn’t hurt to endear yourself to a city known for fine weather and finer women.

3. Coolio doin’ piano runs=Gangsta.

4. Whoever directed this sure could have used a light meter.

5. Spitting the line “Accept no substitute” in a music video culling footage from “The Substitute”: I see what they did there.

6. Speaking of which, what the hell did this song have to do with inner city schools? Too bad Nature of the Threat scared the shit out of white people.

7. The preponderance of budget brand mansions in rap videos circa 96 (see: The Roots’ What they do) is rather quaint in retrospect.

8. That lady cop’s cleavage. yeah.

9. Coolio is wearing suspenders. I repeat: Coolio is wearing suspenders.

10. Makes me wish Ras Kass jumped off Priority at the same time as Jay-Z.

Have a dope weekend y’all.

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