July 1, 2010


Consider it the highest compliment that the London-based duo of Mount Kimbie have produced a record as good as its album cover, which answers the question of what happened to the leopard Granny Panty-wearing seductress who pinned down DJ Qualls in Road Trip.  Fans of BBW’s in red track suits, sad guitars over broken beats, and pitched down vocals a la Burial will rejoice come July 19th, when Crooks & Lovers sees release on Scuba’s Hotflush Records. Sach has the full review coming some point soon (I think), so I’ll merely post the leaked single that they’re giving to the blogs to write all sorts of inane praise.

Truthfully, removing “Field” from its album context blunts its impact. I assume it was chosen for the lead single because it’s about as accurate of a summation as you might get from one track: starting with an insistent minimal techno throb that sounds swiped frrom The Field (hmm..) before detonating into a gorgeous blend of guitars, unorthodox percussion, and  ambient melody that I would compare to a good chillwave song if I wasn’t so disturbed by the fact that people continue to use the word “chillwave” with a straight face.

I have been told if you say chillwave three times in a mirror, Neon Indian will serenade you with a crestfallen yet triumphant ballad about taking salvia in an arcade four years before either of you were born. Ride the wave.

MP3: Mount Kimbie – “Field”

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