Your guess is as good as mine where the Pink Dollaz have been for the last year. Maybe they took up film editing with Rah Digga. I was told that they had collaborated with MIA, but nothing was ever released from the sessions.While the New Boyz gear up for album #2 and YG owns LA radio with “Toot It and Boot It,” Hamilton High’s finest have returned with their first mixtape.  Of course, if timeliness mattered at all to them, this would’ve dropped last summer to build on their steamroller buzz.

Apparently, the kids at school no longer strictly jerk. They do about 18 other dances, including “The Dougie,” which actually comes from Dallas. Besides, from what I’ve gathered, the Cali Swag District are essentially a manufactured rap equivalent of a boy band — complete with svengali, calculated approach, and outfits presumably picked out by Capitol, whose flacks send me regular e-mails about how disappointed they are that I haven’t jumped on the Cali Swagwagon. Conversely, I didn’t even know that the Dollaz had a mixtape until I randomly checked their Myspace last week.

Volume 1 collects last year’s singles with some new tracks that appear to be J-Hawk-produced. Thematically, they aren’t breaking the mold — with songs still dwelling on how other girls rock fake Gucci bags, how they’re ballers on the court, and of course, oral sex. For my money’s worth, the Dollaz have been the most interesting female rappers around since their first singles: they have an original sound, five rappers (most of whom were better than any of the male jerkin’ rappers), and like the Wu said–if it ain’t raw, it’s worthless.

Pink Dollaz are raw, and that will always be a commodity in the rap world–at least to the 12 dwindling “traditionalist” rap fan who derive their strength from the blood of Jay Electronica and the power of wireless.  Besides, the tape even features a Lil B cameo, which by my estimates means that within 20 minutes of this posting, someone will proclaim on Twitter that this is the most based and brilliant thing to be recorded in all of recorded history. Bitches on my dick because I look like Herodotus. –Weiss

MP3: Pink Dollaz ft. Lil B-“Dru”

MP3: Pink Dollaz-Volume 1 Mixtape (Left-Click)

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