August 2, 2010


Tonight begins a two-week descent into deadline madness. Coupled with Sach’s National Lampoon vacation and Douglas’ ongoing move, content could grow a bit scarce in these parts. If my rambles become even more weird and disjointed, it’s because my bloodstream is 4.2 percent 5-hour energy drink, and I have cleaned out the last few remaining dispensaries in Silverlake. What can you do.

The answer to that rhetorical question is jam out to the four mixes compiled by the always on-point Voodoo Frank.  Outside of the Stones Throw roster, it’s unlikely that anyone is making African mixes as funky as the ones posted below. Dude got his own article in Wax Poetics, which is the crate-digger equivalent of getting featured in Sports Illustrated. But no SI curse is imminent.  The benefit of having voodoo in your name is that you can cast your own imprecation.

Tracklists below the jump.

MP3: Voodoo Funk-“Afro Beat Mix”
MP3: Voodoo Funk-“This Is Highlife Mix”

MP3: Voodoo Funk-“Afro Funk Mix”
MP3: Voodoo Funk-“Afro Rock Mix”

Tracklist: Afrobeat Mix

00:00 Eric Akaeze “bar beach show”
07:37 Mad Man Jaga “mama wam”
12:46 Orlando Julius “kete kete koro”
18:18 Tunji Oyelana & the Lijadu Sisters “ojo”
24:31 Eji Oyewole “gele odun (oil boom)”
34:20 Pierre Antoine “kalabuley woman”
45:56 Cross River Nationale “nyong eyen unen”
51:58 Masisi “uchum”
57:21 Aigbologa Bucknor “katakata”
Tracklist –  “This is Highlife”

00:00 Ralph Aire & The Irokos “lumele niluwele”
06:55 Solo Hit “imoikeme”
12:25 Tunji Oyelana & the Benders “e gbe mi”
18:21 Akaba Man & the Nigie Rockets “ogbov’ omwan”
31:05 Franco Jr. “ayee menko”
38:48 Black Masters Band “wonnim a bisa”
44:25 Katakumbey “mowar wo”
50:25 Sea Boy “obi abefa ko”
63:49 Jeff Tagoe & Vis-A-Vis “no go jealous”

Tracklist-Afro Funk Mix

00:00 Super Party Brothers “kung fu”
06:25 De Frank “chicken”
10:05 Heads Funk “cold fire”
14:54 Papa Stone Kiss “spellbound”
21:40 The Super 5 “wake up sera”
26:35 Mansur “love and happiness”
30:52 Grace Ekpeyong “think of yourself”
36:06 Head Funk Band “can you do it”
39:21 Pyramid’s 7 “it’s never this way”
45:22 Ozobby Horn “oh jah”
50:05 The Masisi “funky music”
54:11 W. Roy “christian community”
57:27 K Three “k 3 theme”

Tracklist: Afro Rock Mix

00:00 Boombaya “rainbows”
04:20 The Doves “flying bird”
07:51 Monomono “wake up the ded onez”
11:33 Orchestre Poly Rythmo “a o o ida”
16:20 Masisi “mama taught me to say hello”
21:10 The Musketeers “eat the meat and leave the bone”
26:32 George Lee “ibibi (am black & am beautiful)”
31:02 Sonny Okosuns & The Paperback Ltd “sound of the forest”
34:00 The Strangers “survival”
37:08 Unknown “gulder man” (instrumental version)
39:41 The Magnificent Zeinians “ije udo”
43:25 The Apostles “your business”
47:09 The Ceejebs “glorious day”
50:18 Wrinkar Experience “natural man”
53:43 The Semi-Colon “ready steady go”
56:38 Aktion “I don’t have to cry”

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