August 5, 2010


Until future notice, I will be posting every new Danny Brown verse I stumble across. Granted, I should spread the wealth more and this probably alienates the people who come here for Douglas’ posts about San Francisco psych rock and the occasional vocab word of the day (I’m learning so much!), but fuck it. Other than Gibbs and Yelawolf, I hear no one else who is rapping this consistently well. Gotty understands.   What can I say–ever since Bone Thugs, I have had an affinity for Midwesterners who rap at a high speed about violence and the pros of excellent marijuana. Plus, I hear a little Big L and that is never a bad thing.

You can buy this from the DJ House Shoes presented Quelle’s “Blue Mondays”/Crown Nation “SlutBag Edition” double EP. Or you can steal it like a horse rustler in the “Ghetto Cowboy” video. I know which one I would do.

And for those who think Danny Brown is the guy who wrote the DaVinci code, Droptops and Stacey Lattisaw Tapes, has a Droptops and Danny Brown tapes primer.

MP3: Crown Nation ft. Danny Brown & Dope Head-“Cut the Lights Out”

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