August 18, 2010


Young Montana hails from Coventry, so it’s a safe bet that he didn’t derive his name from the San Francisco 49ers string of Hall of Fame quarterbacks. I’m guessing it’s a British variant on American rap names–one that makes me want to tout him as that new dope boi Yung Montana. That said, G-Side would be well served by the interstellar funk that the latest Alpha Pup signing has been cooking up.

Montana’s tracks have been slowly working their way into the Low End Theory rotation over the past month or two, and every time, they seem to elicit the best reaction possible: who the fuck made this?  Earlier in the year, Mary Anne Hobbs called him the Best Unsigned Artist of 2010, and judging from the mix he recently dropped on her program, it’s not completely hyperbolic. Unlike many of his peers, Montana’s beats swing–they contain elements of funk, R&B, dubstep and hip-hop. No preservatives. RIYL if you like Hudson Mohawke, the state of Montana, “the catch,” “the funk,” and corruption of the youth.–Weiss

MP3: Young Montana-Mary Anne Hobbs Mix (Left-Click)
MP3: Young Montana-“Bad Day”

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