Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow Directed by Jamie Harley from Twin Shadow on Vimeo.

Somehow Twin Shadow have eluded the dirty shoes treatment, so it’s left to me to chime in a cautious co-sign for George Lewis Jr., who hails from the colony of Brooklyn, boasts the imprimatur of Grizzly Bear, Chris Taylor, and name-drops Can and Kraftwerk in his press kit. Hear him out anyway.

“Castles in the Snow”  is the current anthem soundtracking Williamsburg futon follies, a woozy, PBR-warped trek with Lewis cooing about “that Elvis song in your ear,” and building castles in the snow. I suspect this is a metaphor subliminally dissing those not cool enough to have evolved past their Hendrix phase and still bump “Castles in the Sand.” With a Grizzly Bear on production, Shadow’s picked up their sense of languidly paced pop, atmospherics to fill a Gothic cathedral, and a subtle anachronistic undercurrent. The video by Jamie Harley makes the feel overt with its visuals following a gang of 70s NYC teenagers about to get mugged for impersonating the Savage Skulls. It could use more tension, but the song handles that well enough.

MP3: Twin Shadow-“Castles in the Snow”
MP3: Twin Shadow-“Savannah Howl”

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