October 19, 2010


Ignore Slim Twig’s pun on Slim Thug’s sobriquet and instead focus on the psychedelic stitches that suture a Sheik in Scores. The 22-year old Toronto native, whose mom calls him Max Turnbull, is best known to the caribou disinclined as the love interest of a pre-pregnant Ellen Page in a Canuck indie called The Tracey Fragments. Within the extremely white north, he has a score of press clippings on a inordinately well-curated Wikipedia page that suggest that he’s as fastidious as the slim mustache coating his upper lip. Thankfully, his music is more unhinged, a slithering cauldron of doomsday vocals and diseased guitars. Middle Eastern samples and movie scores for the blind. Half of it is produced by Onakabazien, who you may remember from his “That Young Shit” beat tape earlier this year.

Turnbull describes it as the “third in my free ‘mixtape’ series, [but] it is an album. The true follow-up to last year’s ‘Contempt!, I wanted to make something that would reinforce my commitment to creating music designed for free consumption, (not arriving there despite a commitment to the opposite) It can be interpreted as a slab of densely psychotic psychedelia, or as a document of outsider hip hop. In any case, it is an album of skewed pop music.” Highly recommended for fans of Gonjasufi, King Khan, and King Kleiza.–Weiss

MP3: Slim Twig-“A Veil and a Vice (Notorious Bride)”
MP3: Slim Twig-“Once My Lady’s Wish is Done”

ZIP: Slim Twig-A Sheik in Scores (Left-Click)

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