Marcberg hipped the washed masses to what Flipmode Squad fanatics knew since Y2K: Roc Marciano is a beast who subsists on pinball machine parts and the blood of Libyans. Hence, his long-time affiliation with the U.N., an association well known for their tolerance of those with militaristic tendencies, and for providing a haven for Pete Rock’s boom-bap odyssey.

Disco Vietnam, a beast who subsists on blunts and the blood of smoked salmon posted up this old Pete Rock-produced U.N.track from a 2004 12.” His comment was: I pretty much wish all rap sounded exactly like this. Personally, I’m glad that all rap doesn’t sound exactly like this. However, if I ever get stranded on a desert island and I am forced to choose only one school of hip-hop, this is where I would have perfect attendance (in a class with schizophenics).–Weiss

MP3: Roc Marciano prod. by Pete Rock-“Long Time Coming”

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