October 30, 2010


Perhaps the first Good Friday track since “Monster” that I can co-sign wholeheartedly. Kanye and the original Curtis have been a winning combination since before Lupe was consistently a fiasco. The biggest whore since Horus kicks a few standard Yeezy verses which have become almost formulaic.  Clever puns breaking apart familiar words (planned parenthood) and namedrops of random females names (Gidget, Bridget) that seem straight from the “Girls, Girls, Girls” school. I’m sure the “Jay-Z is finished” contingent will disagree, but he sounds reinvigorated. Granted, this will probably only last until the next time he hears “Two Weeks,” but the Mayfield and Pete Rock battery takes him to a good place. This may be the closest we ever get to hearing his “Whip You with a Strap.” These days he’s more likely to sample the Eurhythmics. Also, Pete Rock.

MP3: Kanye West ft. Pete Rock, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, Curtis Mayfield, and The Great Pumpkin-“The Joy”

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