November 29, 2010


The inevitable Aesop Rock and Hanni El Khatib collaboration may not have elicited Distant Relatives-type anticipation among the masses, but in cloistered quarters of Los Feliz where the weed flows like wine, it ranked among up there with the time the Jetsons met the Flintstones. The explanation is easy. Khatib bashes at his guitar with Bam Bam fury, letting loose frayed and fried riffs that cackle with strong voltage. This primitive garage-rock stomp meets the blinding metallic futurism of Aesop Rock’s remix–a re-working that re-locates Khatib’s parking lot rumble to a illegal warehouse party in Orbit City.  There are raps too, invoking tubes, claws, vipers, snaggle-toothed, and bosoms. Collisions like this make the present alright.

MP3: Hanni El Khatib-“You Rascal You” (Aesop Rock Remix)”

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