January 6, 2011

If I were hare-brained enough to conceive a feature comparing rappers to actors (and I’m not convinced that I’m not), Mike Eagle would be Steve Buscemi. Granted, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy as Eagle’s been open about his ardor for Nucky Johnson since before he owned the Boardwalk. Both are pigeonholed into the indie realm for reasons unrelated to talent, both shift fluidly between the stone-serious and the jocular, and both have spent extensive time working as one of Laurence Fishburne’s henchmen. So it goes when you don’t want to pay to clear Pavement samples.

The video for “Pissy Transmission” reveals Mike’s comic side, complete with Saturday Night Fever poses, lunatic women swaddled in pink jumpsuits,  and a lot of Mac computers. He may have the best one-line dismissals in the game — “your kitchen smells like “Polish Sausages,” “there’s no point in polishing mud,” and “your man has a Yukon with spinners.” And I’m highly anticipating his rap-recreation of “The Big Lebowski,” with Busdriver and Nocando. Starring Tyler, the Creator as a German nihilist.

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