January 10, 2011

Like a broken clock, Matt Shea is right at least twice a day.

Not content with releasing one of the finest debuts of 2009, 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers followed it up last April with an arguably better EP. The brilliance of Broken Clocks is in the way it takes a panorama scope – with a greater number of collaborators, remixes and samples – and turning it into a more focused record. Blurry Drones is a ferret with the crates, digging up aural gold and flipping it the simplest and most effective way.  But he and Zilla Rocca have also loosened up their neckties, altering what was previously moody and shoulder-shuffling to something ready for the floor.  On the mic, Zilla sounds lean and confident, his flows crackling with black-tongued wit. Get your claws on this EP or risk getting clocked out.

MP3: 5 0′ Clock Shadowboxers ft. Has-Lo, Elucid, & Nico the Beast-“No Resolution 2” (Left-Click)
MP3: 5 0′ Clock Shadowboxers-“Dirt Naps”

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