January 28, 2011

First off — fast forward to the 2 minute mark to avoid being Westwooded. Normally, British rap sounds like an alien dialect punctuated by off-beat caterwauling by a chav who only wants chips and spliffs. Like I’m supposed to understand what the fuck that last sentence means?

Luckily, Tempa T sidesteps any notions of meaning in favor of breaking stuff like Woodstock ’99. This video’s been floating around for almost two years, but it’s only getting North American burn now. According to Sach, it’s been detonating dance floors in Quebec at “Ante Up” levels of elbow throwing. It makes sense as a U.K. analogue to Waka Flocka and Lex Luger — rowdy fight rap really only understood by the aggrieved when played at eardrum-cracking volume. Bonus points for the Boosie Hi-Top fade and Toys R’ Us violence. Also, for his Grimepedia page that claims he breaks Budweiser bottles over the heads of 12-year olds, and “rapes children with the help of his long-lost friend from the 1920s, Mohammed Hakim.”

MP3: Tempz-“Next Hype”

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