February 9, 2011

Never heard of Homebase. Never been to one of their parties. Does that make me out of it? I might be down though after this. They must have that Chilly Tee money. After all, I assume that Blu, Sandman, Gibbs subscribe to Danny Brown’s dictum laid down in “LOL”: don’t text…if it ain’t about dough.

Wrangling these three will buy you a lot of blog posts. The Clubhouse understand how to get out of the way and offer minor keys and rugged drums. Gibbs tells Blu you’re my boy and Johnson Barnes returns the compliment. Blue dream unites every California fried. Sandman kicks his rikki-tikki-tavvi flow, dancing around the beat like a mongoose.  All they need here is Yelawolf and The Hybrid to make the blogosphere explode. Once you get into a serious rap or drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

From: Homebase Presents Live at the Clubhouse Volume 1

MP3: Homebase NYC ft. Blu, Freddie Gibbs, Homeboy Sandman – “In”

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