February 23, 2011

Normally, I would opt for posting Bell Biv Devoe’s version or maybe the Nas incarnation, but poisons come in many flavors. Plus, Ethan Gold would probably agree that religion misunderstood is poison, and that you can never trust a big butt with a smile. For those who don’t know, Martin Douglas Martin Douglas (if you say it fast it can be substituted for “Black & Yellow”) is now on-staff at Pitchfork and tackled Gold’s debut, Songs From a Toxic Apartment today.  Granted, this isn’t my typical chamber, but as far as melancholic guitar pop goes, Gold ranks among the local scene’s finest practioners. An unsurprising claim considering that he produced Elvis Perkins’ Ash WednesdayRead the review, watch the video, download the song, but never get emotionally caught up with a girl who the crew used to do.

MP3: Ethan Gold-“Are We Recording”

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