February 23, 2011

Say what you want about Rotund Ricky, he holds his own in rap battles like he does at an all-you-can-eat crustacean buffet. Forget “Devil in a New Dress,” he first put everyone on notice with “Knife Fight” where he arguably topped Kool G Rap. Blasphemy yes, but even if that’s hyperbole, the finish was photo. About three years ago, Raekwon walked away with aortas intact in the great Wu-Tang civil war. RZA’s making cerebral music for John Frusciante to do scag to, but Rae is hanging at the Stephen King mansion with four Branson affiliates, spinning Scarface slanguage like he was when he was first famished. Rawse has never been hungry, but the pathological one calls out Twitter thugs and extols the glory life better than anyone else. Starks handles the anchor leg, sounding the most inspired that he’s been in months. While producer, the No ID confederate, Xtreme, has obviously been listening to a loop of “Shadowboxin.” If you cut your teeth on the Clan, you can’t ask for much for than this. Overweight rappers for the win.

MP3: Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah & Rick Ross-“Molasses”

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