March 8, 2011

Despite popular mythologies that insist otherwise, great music doesn’t always rise to the top — at least not immediately. Depending on popular tastes, media whims, marketing ploys, and inherent marketability, exceptional songs can be overlooked. See also, Skipp Coon, Souvenir, Monkey Swallows the Universe, essentially any band that Stylus championed that were ignored so that people can stalk Salem. Disco Vietnam’s “The NP (Natalie Portman)” was one of those songs too good to disappear, despite receiving minimal attention upon its release two years ago.

Thankfully, the idee fixe of every Long Island Jewish male born between 1975 and 1985 recently won an Oscar for her portrayal of a hyper-neurotic, mildly bi-sexual ballerina. Thus, re-routing attention back to the tribute/not tribute written by Huntington’s best band Disco Vietnam, and causing Peter Rosenberg, (Hot 97 DJ/professional wrestling aficionado/Teflon Don) to release it on his own Real Late Records. There are few things more trite and inaccurate than calling something a perfect pop song, but this isn’t far off. “The NP” is deceptively masterful songwriting — an infectious sing-a-long chorus, a crisp and head-nodding guitar bridge, and a strain of power-pop capable of seamlessly nestling into the New Pornographers songbook. The song is available for sale on iTunes, so cop it if you’re so inclined.

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