April 11, 2011

Mike Bigga (Killer Mike) ft. T.I. & Big Boi – Ready Set Go (Remix) from Motion Family on Vimeo.

What makes this video superior to most other videos? Killer Mike has renounced his Mike Bigga experiment and has pronounced death on people wearing Ed Hardy with sequins. Big Boi is wearing a fur hat that makes him look like a St. Petersburg smelt trader. TI is on his tiny tot tough guy swag. And oh yeah, they’re just hanging out at the cleaners. Because that’s what chill bros do on a weekend. They just hang out and talk about fabric softeners and what disinfectant chemicals are the least toxic. And when there is spare time, they kick the occasional rappity rap. And all is well in the land–tragic fashion decisions excluded.

MP3: T.I. ft. Big Boi & Killer Mike-“Ready Set Go (Remix)”

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