April 16, 2011

Sach O just wants to boogie to some Pearson.

I heard this on Scratcha’s Grimey Breakfast show yesterday but promptly forgot about it after passing out in a hazy stupor. This is what happens when I listen to UK radio at 4AM after watching Zed Bias and Ramadanman absolutely murder their live sets for an audience so dedicated they forced the dance to go on an extra 30 minutes past closing time. Thankfully, unlike some of that night’s visual hallucinations, Lil Silva’s remix of Tyler the Creator’s Yonkers actually exists, reformatting the original’s high end synths into rave ready stabs and setting them to roughneck Carnival percussion and rudebwoy Bass drops. Tyler will hate it, I’ll play it out a bunch of times and Bruno Mars is probably still wondering what the hell he did to deserve this shit. One step closer to the OF Dubstep crossover that will send 20 year old outcasts and 30 year old bloggers into conniptions.

Mp3: Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers (Lil Silva Remix) (Via Rock the Dub)

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