April 20, 2011

The lava lamp glow that 4/20 once held has turned into my more monochromatic late 20s. I need neither my weed phosphorescent nor my celebrations elaborate. Don’t need to hit a Dragon or a Volcano or a gravity bong, or some other invention from a ingenious evil engineer.  I don’t need to skip work to smoke opium in a backseat of a Toyota 4Runner in the shadow of the 101 Freeway. Not like I would ever do such a thing mom.

But its impossible not to get a buzz from Covert Coupe, the precision timed release from Spitta and Alchemist, resident Gutter Water distiller for all fire alarm eyed rappers. Coupled with DZA’s THC, this is the inevitable soundtrack for a nation of collegiate stoners. Somewhere on a liberal arts campus, a college freshman is rolling his first doobie up and dreaming of Moroccan furnishings and projection screens built in his ceiling. Subject matter means nothing with these guys. They are McGyver smokers – getting you lit off lyrics that revolve around little more than flying high in expensive planes, trains, and automobiles. Fiend is the resident John Candy of the crew.

What’s most impressive is the way that they’ve recast stoner rap for the 2000s. Wiz gets the press credit and the populist appeal, but I suspect that like Jay showing Nas his Tec under the dresser, it was Spitta who taught Wiz the difference between Indica and Sativa. Ski sketched the architecture, slinking and symphonic soul for cryptic raps. They take Camp Lo and switch the script from champagne and diamond heists to kush and girlfriend stealing. A minor tweak but enough to keep things fresh for freshmen.  This isn’t the bummy but fly weed rap of Meth and Red or the red eyed irritation of Cypress, it’s all tennis shoes and tuxedos. Formality and fast getaways in foreign cars.  4/20 is the New Year’s Eve of weed smoking: amateur hour but always fun under the right circumstances and the right soundtracks.

MP3: Curren$y ft. Freddie Gibbs (prod. by Alchemist)-”Scottie Pippen”
ZIP: Curren$y & Alchemist – Covert Coupe (Left-Click)

ZIP: Smoke DZA – The Hustler’s Catalog (Left-Click)

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