April 29, 2011

Sach O is staunchly anti-Monarchist with the exception of Mantronix – King of beats.

I’d somehow managed to avoid any mention of that accursed Royal Wedding for exactly 6 minutes today until my RSS feed inconveniently reminded me that the entire country of Heng-land is currently losing their shit over some hereditary fooferah. Needless to say: not a fan of royalty despite being partial to Royal-T. Thankfully, the good people at Fact seem as sick of the pomp and circumstance as I am and have provided this new Grime mix courtesy of scene-stalwarts J-Sweet and Alias to counter the tea-n-crumpets vision of the UK with a huge honking load of Bass. The crew’s split EP has been a favorite of mine since its release but as DJ food in its purest form, I suspect that those of you not trolling scuzzy Russian torrent sites for obscure white labels won’t find quite as much to love. This mix rectifies that – bouncing from highlight to highlight and proving that good instrumental Grime isn’t the sole purview of the Butterz crew. Best enjoyed while laughing at rich people in funny hats.

MP3: J-Sweet & Alias Fact Mix (Left Click)

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