May 30, 2011

1000names – Make A Clap from Svetlana Industries on Vimeo.

The brainchild of two Bulgarians from Sofia, beats made on an ACAI MPC1000, released on a Serbian label, directed by a director with an Italian name and prominently including an iconic sample from an old-school 5 percent rap legend from Long Island. Odd Future.

1000Names’ bio hails them as wonky veterans down since before the first bro’s started stepping and since first time a drum was unquantized. And they have the January 10 Mary Anne Hobbs mix to prove it. Clearly, they are the most gifted Bulgarians since Plamen Papazikov or maybe a young Parashkev Hadzhiev, or dare I say the name, Pancho Vladigerov. It just rolls off the tongue.

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