June 9, 2011

Evan Nabavian once kissed a girl named Skylar (no Grey).

The city of Huntsville, Alabama has deviated from larger Southern rap trends with very clean, futuristic beats from producers like Block Beattaz and Bossman. G-Side, the city’s premier duo, has earned pockets of fans far and wide and they wear their stamped up passports on their sleeves. On “How Far,” when ST 2 Lettaz raps, “If they could see the distance from where we came to where we at, they probably wouldn’t treat us different,” he’s talking about actual geographic distance.

But pensively gazing out of an airplane window over spacey beats doesn’t leave much room for grit. That’s why on “Kiss the Sky,” Block Beattaz switch it up with a conspicuous Jimi Hendrix sample. The guitar riffs bring 2 Lettaz down to Earth where he raps through clenched teeth about the strength of his team and how he taught your girl how to curl toes. It’s a demonstration of Block Beattaz’ continued fire and a strong showing from the 2 Lettaz Experience.

MP3: ST 2 Lettaz-“Kiss the Sky” (prod. by Block Beattaz)

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