June 15, 2011

Within Oakland’s Green Ova Underground crew, Main Attractionz attract most of the attention. “Attention” being relative to the minor maze of the rap blog world. If what I’m saying doesn’t make any sense, allow me to point you to Yours Truly’s new video that breaks down the group and their home terrain.

But for my zip’s worth, Shady Blaze remains  the most consistently compelling of the set. Lately, he’s been rapping at a ferocious clip, both stylistically and in terms of his output. Rappers ain’t Shit Without a Producer is his second mixtape in the last couple months, not discounting his appearances on the other Green Ova camp projects. My favorite remains The Shady Bambino Project, which is a serious contender for a top 10 rap album of the year. For reasons of coherence, I am always inclined towards one rapper and one producer — especially when the one rapper spits Twista-style double-timed tornado raps over ethereal space age canvasses.

The production roster on the new tape includes a Triple AAA All-Star game cast, including Clams Casino, Beautiful Lou, Squadda B of Main Attractionz, and Blaze himself. Plus, guest rappity raps from Danny Brown. It’s less consistent, but the rapping is always full of snarling carnivore slaps. And unlike the weed that Shady Blazed to make this, it’s free.

Download: (Via Steady Bloggin)
ZIP: Shady Blaze-Rappers Ain’t Shit Without a Producer

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