Chris Daly owns six lava lamps and four dark light posters.

Mecca:83, for one, would like to welcome our alien overlords, apparently right into his bedroom.

Following the freshly blazed path of dropping albums on the heels of one another (no Shlohmo), the Manchester producer has stacked a collection of interstellar grooves worthy of your afterhours UFO orgy after party, and let’s be honest, you know you needed something to soundtrack that upcoming Turkish piledriver anyway. Whether it’s the aptly named 3 For Free EP or The Life Sketches EP, Mecca:83 knows what it takes to get one’s booty shaking inside of one’s spacesuit.

While the guy is quick to point out his English bona fides, we clearly have someone indebted to the Northern funk movement of the Midwest. There’s gold in them hills, and some Dilla and Prince in them beats. Utilizing ?uestlove-worthy crisp drums and synths that wouldn’t sound out of place on something by early era His Royal Badness, Mecca:83 simply isn’t fucking around on this. Samples must be soulful, grooving and/or sultry, lest they need not apply. On The Life Sketches, catch the Kind of Blue Miles Davis chop from “Blue in Green” on “Loungin’” if you think I’m lying.

It’s easy to see why the likes of Giles Peterson have shown love to the young producer. The grooves are rubbery and sticky, hard to become disentangled from after even just a precursory listen. Sure, Dam-Funk and the like are keeping the movement going, but that doesn’t mean our U.S. brethren hold a stranglehold on funky grooves. Besides, have you ever been to one of those afterhours UFO orgy after parties? By the time you factor in hyperdrive coordinates, determine appropriate prophylactics for Venutians and figure out how to get the disco ball to spin in zero gravity, you’re going to need multiple DJs anyway.

ZIP: Mecca83-The Life Sketches EP (Left-Click)

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