July 1, 2011

Kool Keith – The Game Is Free (Feat Megabone) from Junkadelic Music on Vimeo.

Evan Nabavian wears capes but won’t go near a sequin.

Kool Keith wears a sequined burqa and a cape in the video for “The Game is Free.” He’s joined by an obscure group called Megabone who also dress like the rebellious offspring of Victorian magicians. One of the Megabone guys wears a top-hat and slinks around a creek carrying a lantern and a Necronomicon while his fellows are cossetted by chicks with fat asses. It’s rap meets The Illusionist and it may have been inspired by this Tumblr.

Keith is pushing the limits of how awkwardly flamboyant a rapper can be, both musically and aesthetically. He raps slightly off beat, spouts inane wisdom, and sings the hook in a faux falsetto. Your attention volleys between the gaudy purple-tinted visuals and Megabone’s primitive flows and tasteless lyrics. It draws you in with the thick bassline and the abundant swagger and then tests your tolerance of non sequiturs like, “Heal ’em sexually like the Jewel of Lotus, / It’s still fuck the police and the mayor’s office.” There should be more think pieces about Kool Keith and fewer about rappers who say they’re gay, but aren’t really gay, but might actually be gay.

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