July 17, 2011

“Saturday Nite” feels less timely at 11:00 a.m., Sunday morning, but the beauty of Zilla Rocca’s Nights and Weekends mix is that you can blast it until we have to stop wearing white (does not apply to Cam’ron, whose ability to breach the furthest parameters of the color spectrum remains on Technicolor Dreamcoat level ). Reggie Noble, De La Soul, Starks, and exclusive ZR cuts all run through the mix that bangs like the hangover coursing through our collective heads.

Should you enjoy the mix or the music of the head coward clapper, you should donate to Zilla’s Kickstarter Fund for his new EP. People who donate get all sorts of fan packages including film noir tutorials and beard grooming lessons.  You can’t beat that with a battery operated razor. Below the jump, videos for his Kickstarter promo video and “Cock Diesel,” his recent collabo with Has-Lo/tribute to Shaquille O’ Neal.

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