Evan Nabavian rocks a Bunsen Honeydew chain.

There are two kinds of Waka Flocka songs. Songs about death and songs about asses. “Round of Applause” is the second kind like “No Hands” before it. But while “No Hands” is a loathsome synthy booty jingle, “Round of Applause” is a desolate booty nocturne. Lex Luger provides the unexpectedly hazy beat and Waka barks all over it, but with an inkling of a sense of humor. The intro is a burp followed by a lazy “’Scuse me,” hi-hats mimic the clapping of ass cheeks, and there’s a great blowjob joke. For once you can laugh with Flocka instead of at Flocka.

GQ asked Waka whether he’d rather be a garbage man with a billion dollars or a popular but broke rapper. He chose garbage man, an honest answer that’s in keeping with his caricatured hustler image. He elaborated, “I don’t care about rapping. As the garbage man, I’d be filthy rich and in a position to change a lot of things. I can help a lot of people that really need. And ain’t nobody ever know where it came from. I like that.” He insists he’s all about the money, “Round of Applause” suggests there’s a creative spark somewhere (maybe it’s Lex’s) and that Flocka will sometimes opt to make a good song over pandering to radio.

MP3: Waka Flocka-“Round of Applause”

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