September 27, 2011

Spaceghostpurrp often gets pegged as an unrepentant nostalgist – albeit one with impeccable taste. But new forms are just old things re-contextualized and combined. So what’s to knock about a kid from Miami having the ingenious idea to suture the flow of MC Eiht and old West Coast gangsta rappers with the Satanic hell hound funk of  Triple Six, Tommy Wright III, and similarly graying Southern rappers with Pimp and/or Kingpin  in their name.

Witness his latest cut, “Keep Bringing the Phonk,” with its misspelling reminiscent of a tape you might have purchased at the Slauson Swap Meet in 92. As Alex of Steady Bloggin declares, this might be one of the other SP the Ghost’s best so far. He’s referencing the old G-Funk pianos, adding some spectral train rumblings, and that Ruthless Records flow.  Way 2 fonky.

Earlier today, Sach posted Spaceghost’s chopping and screwing Camp Lo’s “Luchini.” Obviously, that’s OG Kush for those weaned on Cheeba and Suede, but it’s more evidence how deep he’s going. Sach pointed out that “it works way, way better than it has any right too….Spaceghost’s editing style is extremely in your face with constant rewind sounds and his trademark sloppiness but it all comes together in a “Lee Perry does screw music” kinda way.”

The fusing of North and South has been going on for over a decade now, and in full force since Mims was momentarily the face of New York. But the fusion is inevitable now in the Internet world, so don’t be surprised when you see Spaceghost and Asap forming like collie weed and corn bread in the very near future.

MP3: Spaceghostpurrp-“Keep Bringing the Phonk”

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