October 25, 2011

Questions raised by this song and the accompanying video:

Where can one find a Juggalo assassin for hire?

What exactly defines a bare knuckle gypsy?

Are Carrot Top’s big guns the result of steroids?

Why would your parent’s be still having sex, let alone sex with Nacho Picasso?

Cargo shorts?

What strain of weed is in those blunts?

How much did they have to pay Ebonee Davis from the Seattle Models Guild to be the dead girl?

Who knew models had a guild?

Nacho Picasso’s For the Glory remains glorious. I have a review running elsewhere in the imminent future, so you will just get vague effusive praise from me here. Sorry. Nacho also just released a new (still free) deluxe version with instrumentals and a Blockhead remix. You can download it below the jump.