Check his history: Zilla Rocca’s been a beast. In just 16 bars, no other rapper could seamlessly namedrop the futility of the Seattle Pilots, Neruda, Hemingway’s love of daiquiris, Medellin, Omega 3’s, chicken nuggets, and Southern Comfort while flipping the beat to Tony Stark’s “Fish.” When the Wrecking Crew co-founder first floated the idea of a Wu-Tang Pulp project, I thought it was totally superfluous. Vintage Wu-Tang songs can’t be improved, but what Zilla knew and I didn’t, is that they’re the perfect jump-off — spring boards for creativity that manifest in “Scallops,” the second leak from the project.

Enter the Wrecking Crew. ZR with the unfadeable Has-Lo and Curly Castro, both of whom have been snapping on tracks like emaciated men ripping shells off a platter of bottom feeder seafood. As Has points out, the only thing left to do is go to Red Lobster. Or if you’re in LA, get the shrimp burrito at Senior Fish.

Either way rappers, this is how you tastefully reference the past without cranking out empty nostalgia. If you didn’t think that yesterday’s selection of RZA as the #1 producer of all-time was crackpot, you will want to hear this song. (And probably the J-Zone remix of Has-Lo’s “Light Years” that also dropped this week).

Zilla Rocca x Curly Castro x Has-Lo – Scallops (prod by Y?Arcka) WU-TANG PULP by wreckingcrew

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