Rappers, hire Jeff Weiss to direct your next video. For the right price, he’ll make your shit lighter.

10.Purchased scented candles at a Labor Day sale at the Soho Bed, Bath & Beyond.

9. Handled all wardrobe for Danny Brown, including but not limited to, the procurement of a special-designed Raf Simons Tigger costume. Taken from his 2012 Winnie the Pooh line.

8. Acquired and drank the Colt 45s used in the video through a sponsorship deal with Fader.

7. Worked the cameras, or some shit.

6. Found a totally fabulous lighting specialist at a home decor boutique not-yet-reviewed by New York Times Style Section; it just opened up next to the Clinton Offices.

5. Rented Mobb Deep’s old stairwell for the location shoot.

4. Encouraged Danny Brown repeatedly to make the “Cunnilingus” sign. Repeatedly showed him Kingpin to help him perfect the gesture.

3. Arranged for the fluffers.

2. Borrowed a smoke machine from SALEM. And he isn’t giving them back their DJ Screw Tapes either.

1. Brought the blunts after blunts after blunts.

MP3: Danny Brown-“Blunt After Blunt”

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