Chris Daly wrote this post after taking several grams of Molly.

What do Manchester and Rennes have in common? “If Swilkqa Night,” the latest joint joint by master maestros Mecca: 83 and Somepling (UK and France, respectively), is any indication, the answer lies with shared affinity for late night jams of the blunted disposition. Two DJs, One Track — a perilous proposition that often sounds better on paper than in your earphones. If the Interwebs have taught us nothing else, it’s that the Two __, One ___ formula can result in things unimaginable to only the most depraved amongst us. And the people I normally hang out with — but that’s another issue entirely. Fortunately for us, dear readers, such pitfalls are avoided here.

“Swilkqa Night” reminded me of why I love beat music—it’s not its jazzy nature that I normally invoke to sound more refined to my music snob friends, it’s because slowed down, robotic funk makes for excellent bedroom music, the likes of which we really haven’t had since Prince found Jehovah or sex packets were banned by the USDA.

Establishing a groove with a repeating string line, fleshing it out with rat-a-tat drum brushes and letting it simmer—that right there makes for a good groove for getting it on, kids. Just prepare yourself for the naughtiness that such jams can inspire, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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