In which a Chicago-born rapper enlists a sotto voce indie rock star to warble auto-tuned hooks over wintery raps. But before the s/s/s super-group of Serengeti, Sufjan Stevens, and Son Lux gets accused of sharking KanyeIver, it’s worth noting that this track was recorded at least one or two Casimir Pulaski days ago. Besides, I’d rather ponder their decision to loosely name themselves after the German secret police, while making frequent Teutonic references in the lyrics. Is this track really a salvo aimed at how stolid Angele Merkel has been towards the lack of austerity amongst her EU brethren? Or is it merely a re-telling of A Night at the Museum with far more drugs and Audis? Such is the beauty of art (rap).

In other news pertaining to Chicago-raised rappers with a penchant for the finer works of Steve Buscemi, Open Mike Eagle has dropped “Nightmares III” with guest spots from Illogic and MarQ Spekt. He’ll also be on national tour this month. Dates here. Bring your own beret.


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