March 8, 2012

If ADD+ were managed by Cinematic Music Group (K.R.I.T., Nipsey, Curren$y), they’d probably already be the subject of feverish blog hype. Lucky for them that they’re allowed to build their base organically, getting enough attention to keep the goalposts moving, but not so much that they fall for some stupid major label $50K advance that forces them to release mixtape after mixtape just to keep their buzz up. Instead, they’re getting the co-sign from Black Milk, who is taking them on a national tour which will inevitably make Okayplayers hang their picture on the wall (no Polow Da Don).

The running myth circulating through the rap writer clusterfuck is that ex-backpackers are now embracing country rap-inspired musicians as some retroactive apology for not listening to Dungeon Family and UGK in their prime. As though anyone who lived outside of the South and Midwest was listening to Bun and Pimp until Jay-Z started name-dropping them in Source features circa 98-99 (he also name-dropped his fandom of Sarah McLaughlin, so…). Nor does this theory do anything to explain the enduring backpack fervor for Cunnylynguists. Maybe people like music because they like the way it sounds. People get to music when they get to it. Not everything needs a narrative attached to it. ADD+ make good rap songs that you might enjoy. I do.

Tracks below the jump.

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