March 16, 2012

Son Raw is a sucker for ragga samples

Unlike LL in 91, there actually isn’t much of a point in calling this a comeback. At no point in his career did Nas stop spitting but he hasn’t managed to release a project with a clear sense of purpose, trolling album titles aside, since the Clinton administration. Like Bob Dylan his best work was on Columbia, his fans mutinied a couple of albums to soon and we’ll probably be talking about him years after he’s ceased releasing good tunes. Oh, and he can still out write younger artists in his sleep whenever he feels like it – which is occasionally. The Don is another street banger describing the gritty New York streets  – nothing new and yet so brutally efficient and light-footed that you can’t help but gawk at the fact that Nas is still knocking them out of the park. We say this every couple of years, but if someone locked the guy up in a studio every once in a while and didn’t let him leave until he had 12 of these on a disc, this “Greatest rapper of all time” thing wouldn’t even be an issue. Unless someone did the same to Andre.

MP3: Nas- The Don

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