April 4, 2012

Quelle Chris, one of the best from the Dirty D, meets Dibia$e, Low End Theorist, jazz-man masked as a modern producer. If there was any doubt of me posting this up, the combination of Ronnie Foster chords and “Real Muthaphukkin’ G’s” samples on the same song had me sold. This is nothing fancy — just some occasionally mellow, occasionally migraine rap that understands how people should filter Dilla in 2012. By not spinning in the mud mimicking his music, but by burying themselves in similar inspirations:  minimal wave, jazz, and grimy galvanized rap. The result is playful, goofy, and sonically adventurous. Music not made to be over-analyzed but spun several times with a spliff, letting the beats drift over you like a calm trade wind.

Tracks below the jump. Via Steady B

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