April 23, 2012

Action Bronson is doing that thing where every song he drops is memorable and filled with lines that you would quote to your friends constantly if you were were in college. And then you get older and your friends move away and stop listening to hip hop and become familiar with the accoutrements of Crate and Barrel and Gotye, who is like Sting for those who still think it’s a good idea to wear Seersucker outside of the South. (Let’s let Shea Serrano tell it). Thankfully, there is the Internet, where rap lines become obtuse Twitter references before you can say that you were shooting at the gym. Bitch.

I digress. Bronsolino hails from parts unknown, smokes out of Ice-O-Laters, does cartwheels into the Jag Door, has extra virgin olive oil on his ankle, has two midgets naked for his amusement, throws darts like Byron Leftwich, and rolls joints as thick as columns. Oh and he’s known to “Chief that green/Robert Parrish.” That’s the best hash tag line of the year. No one is writing better right now. He is this year’s recipient of the De La Soul Award where every word he says should be a hip hop quotable.

MP3: Action Bronson – “A Simple Man” (Left-Click)

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