April 27, 2012

Deen is all about the process.

In lieu of a proper review of El-Producto’s new effort, I’ll leave that shit to a professional because I’m lazy and I “don’t write reviews” (Ed’s note: Son Raw calls dibs), I’m going to write down some of the shit that crossed my mind while listening to “Cancer for Cure.” I think this is a valuable exercise for all of us, since you get to see how I process information/music on a daily basis. Don’t “cool story bro” me – I’m important damn it. Let’s go:

1. El-P has really mastered these Bomb Squad/Pastiche/Sonic Collage sounding ass beats. It’s almost cheating at this point. I could listen to his beats forever.
2. Speaking of Bomb Squad, how many proper reviews of this album will bring them up? What’s the over/under on that shit?
3. Oh and “dystopian” – I bet that word gets thrown around a bunch.
4. How the fuck does El-P get to make 2 of the dopest “posse” cuts I’ve heard in a long while on the same album?

5. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire be rappin.
6. Despot be rappin too.
7. Killer Mike & Danny Brown BEEN rappin.
8. Who or what the fuck has been chasing El-P around for 15 years? I’m not sure if I think he sounds scared or if he’s scaring me. All this paranoia on wax is too much for me to deal with. I’m a black man in America – I’m already very fucking paranoid.
9. WTF is he talking about anyway? I don’t have time for too many listens. I still have to bump Jack White and Norah Jones, plus there’s a new Nas track tomorrow and I haven’t listened to ‘Pluto’ in about 72 hours. Shit’s stressful bruh.
10. But yeah, this shit is hella good. It’s fucking nails actually. All of it so far. No missteps.
11. Oh? This one concept track is bonkers – is this El-P asking a girl if she’s a hooker after he already took the pussy? Or is he still tryna get the pussy?
12. White niggas are so damn creepy sometimes. This nigga talmbout “acquiesce to this full probe” – just say “wait till you see my dick” like normal people do.
13. Maybe I’m too dumb to listen to this shit. *Scrolls to “Pluto” on iPod*
14. Now El-P is getting interrogated.
15. Was that a little patois?!?! Cool!

Aight. Fuck this. I’m tired and I have to work without wondering if someone is chasing me. This shit is stupid good though. Makes you wonder why folks don’t just figure out what they’re GREAT at and do it between 11 and 15 times and call it an album. That often works just fine. Then again, labels and expectations and excuses, but really though – fuck that.

Blogs gon’ love this shit. And deservedly so. Now excuse me while I go play  “Pluto” again…


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