May 3, 2012

Jonah Bromwich doesn’t like jean jackets with the sleeves cut.

Let’s just be clear: a Kanye co-sign means little-to-nothing regarding Chief Keef’s ability as a rapper. Artists with the fabled Yeezy seal of approval include luminaries like GLC, Big Sean, Kid Cudi, Fonzworth Bentley and Mr. Hudson. So chill. I know that’s a futile request, and this remix guarantees what was already pretty much inevitable, that Chief Keef will get a major label deal shortly. Eh.

That said, it’s hard to believe that producer Young Chop and Keef are respectively upset and nonchalant about how professional their song sounds in the hands of the G.O.O.D. music crew. West, after all, is the self-professed king of “sophisticated ignorance” and the hint of sophistication that he’s added to the melody on this remix of “I Don’t Like” makes a world of difference. What was a catchy sentence (that Chicago bite on the end of “like” makes it stick in your head) has become a catchy song, as Pusha, ‘Ye, Jada each add respectable verses.


Pusha sounds vicious on the intro, more rogue than douchebag and in control of the ominous ringing in the background (though you’re going to have to ignore a particularly groan-worthy Suge Knight line). After Kanye compares himself to Jesus and Michael Jackson and promotes his healthy diet, Big Sean spits the usual amount of nothing. Then Jada comes on, extra raspy, chuckle left at home, imitating the Weeknd’s signature outfit, grumbling about girls who keep calling him and rapping well.

Generic rappers being promoted over talented ones—that’s that shit I don’t like. And though the original wasn’t bad, this song gets a hell of a lot better when some talent and melody is added. I never thought I’d be the one grumbling that kids need to start respecting their elders or at least not complain when their elders improve their songs, but I guess that’s happening now.


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