May 30, 2012

Son Raw lick shots pon ya bloodclot ‘ead.

While The Bug wets our appetites for his forthcoming Angels & Demons album via promises of Acid Ragga, Terror Danjah is mining the same fertile territory in a less conceptual manner. Of course, Grime’s potent mixture of Jamaican vocalization and electronic aggression has been around since its foundation but Creepy Crawler takes the vibe beyond the streets to a conceptual Junglist war-dance. It’s a welcome turn: in true Hyperdub fashion, Terror Danjah’s last album seemed determine to avoid any and all aggressive clichés in favor of more experimental material. This hyped up single promises a 180 degree turn (sans clichés)  that feels all the more exciting given Hyperdub’s subsequent moves into Laurel Halo territory. Not dissing, just stating my preferences.Can we get a full album of this stuff?

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