Juicy J is the only man who can make 2Chainz seem like Mitt Romney. 37 is the new 20. No one can advocate the complete absence of any responsibility quite like Jordan Houston. He is the Michael Jordan of both kinds of rap: ignorant and satanic. Still awesome against all odds. People bitch that they don’t want to hear K.R.I.T. rapping, but I wouldn’t mind him here. “The Temptation Remix” goes hard and K.R.I.T. would be benefit from doing a full LP with someone. Where is that Yelawolf-KRIT record anyway

Also recommended: playing “Bands A Make Her Dance” remix at 2:00 while smoking spliffs. It improves cognitive skills and aggravates obnoxious neighbors. Juicy  J would recommend that you have some ratchets there, but that’s optional.

Tunes and the video for “Codeine Cups” below the jump.

MP3: Juicy J (prod. by Big K.R.I.T.) – “Knock U Out”
MP3: Juicy J & Lil Wayne (prod. by Mike Will) –  “Bands A Make Her Dance Remix” (Left-Click)

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