June 29, 2012

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There’s no Rosetta to decrypt the hieroglyphics of“ZZZ Top”, another byzantine banger from the man who stole his moniker from a Greek master of myth (No Homer). Figures. Aes Riddle teases clues six syllables at a time. The kid carving Zoso in his desk or trying to tag Zulu onto Chucks in the Buckle Font from the Renegades of Funk vinyl. If possible, his lyrics have gone deeper down the Rabbit Hole and achieved lysergic Lew Carroll caterpillar colors. “Animated colors on a page/like synthesized cultures on a stage.” Maybe the broader meaning awaits interpretation, or maybe it’s just some shit that sounds fly.

What does this have to do with the Kung Fu hustle? I’m not sure. Maybe it’s throwback memories to the days of Dana Dane, an influence that sparked the creative inferno. Maybe it just looks cool. Maybe the meaning is hidden in the whiskers of ZZ Top. Most likely.

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