This list was compiled by Max Bell atop Sugar Hill.

People Like Lists (So Meta)
Band name origins…kinda. #WhoWould’veThought
Top Clams Casino Concoctions. #SomePeopleListenToThis
Books about graffiti that you should read…or look at. #VanguardVandals
Hip-hop “artists” hit Instagram. #JeffWeissWillUnfollowYou
Complex outs a bunch of guys who you kind of remember. #Wasted The 10 best comic book movie soundtracks. Spawn and Crow should be on your ‘must watch’ list. Esco was on the Men In Black soundtrack. What? #Nerdgasm
Supposedly the top 25 music videos of 2012 thus far. #BirdOnAWire
A history of Andre 3000 guest verses. #KeepYourHeartThreeStacks
XL’s greatest hits. #Indie4Life

People Ask Questions. Some People Answer.
Someone talks to SpaceGhostpPurrp. #SomeoneCares
Brother Ali talks about his life and the making of Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. #RealHumanBeing
Danny Brown is interesting, raps well, and gets paid. #MyAdidas
50 Cent is a grown ass man. #GetTheYayo
Alchemist is one of the most charismatic and candid characters in hip-hop. He’s also hilarious. #RussianRoulette
DJ Premier will kick your ass if you talk shit about Maze and Frankie Beverly (Narduar vs. DJ Premier). #WhoIsVicJuris
Complex talks to Ab-Soul. Read while listening to “Track Two.” #AbstractAsshole
Freddie Gibbs breaks down what is sure to be the greatest Gangsta Grillz project in recent memory and lets you know he will still rob you. #GangstaGibbs

Bill Said Life is a Stage
Kanye West wants a website to show their face. #MyMusicWasCloseToPerfect
Kendrick and Bethany Cosentino. #NoMakeup

You Might Rip This
God’s Son and the late Ms. Winehouse do what they do best. #CherryWine
Gibbs gives gangsters (and geeks) a grand ol’ gift. (Hold applause for alliteration) #GangstaGibbsSaysFaceDown
50 is so damn rich he could put out a hit on your new favorite rapper for the rest of your life.
Iggy is a God. And that Bethany girl is lucky two times on this list. #RawPower
Havoc still raps. #SameShitDifferentDay
G-Side have always wanted wheels on their PB&J sandwiches. #PeanutButter&Lean
That Purple Bastard (not to be confused with the loveable Grimace from McDonalds) makes Danny danceable. #IncomeTaxSwag
Steady Bloggin says it best. #LollipopsDon’tKnowAboutBulletproofWallets
Charles Hamilton over a purportedly Marshall Mathers produced beat. #HedgehogRises
Michael likes Lana. #LapOfLux #InstagramYaBody
Jackie Chain is Johnny Depp. #BruceLean
Nas just acts like he’s civilized. #LifeIsGoodWhenNasSpits
Is it wrong that I like these guys better slowed down? #MyEarsOnLean
Karriem Riggins is funky as fuck. #MoogyFoogIt

You Might Watch This
Old people listen to Skrillex. #AgeOldWisdom
In which Juicy J keeps it simple and visits his favorite sperm bank. #WomensRights
In which Snoop keeps his beanie and his raps the same – classic. (Wiz also says something). #SmokeAndSloMo
Chief Keef and Fat Trel have never heard of The Alchemist. #CheckTheSafety
Curren$y has a Car and Driver subscription. #JetLife
Mac, Casey, and Joey over smooth nostalgia. #YoungGunsShowReverence…Respect
Fake Shore brings us alcohol and aviation via Gzus Piece. #GzusPiece
Sean P tells aspiring rappers (all of whom are white) to stop. Kind of funny. #MonkeyBarz–wtf-jay-z-lil-wayne-spoof
Wayne does need a new stylist, but Crockett needs a new day job. #Spandex

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Like and Shit
Best Sneaker Photos on Instagram. (Jeff Weiss is a beast on instagram @ passionweiss).
New Busta Rhymes album. #YearOfTheDragon

Elzhi has definitely heard of Evidence. #YouKnowMySteez
Limited Lord Finesse Vinyl. #DITC
Mac Miller is on some grown man shit. #AllSamplesCleared
Complex gives a comprehensive history of the Batmobile. My Bat fandom grows to new heights. #BatsInTheBelfry
Jeff Weiss writes occasionally. #Skelethon…It’sYourNewFavoriteRecord
RZA’s movie has a release date. #Don’tFuckWithDigi
Possible Leaders of the New School reunion. #ClassIsInSession
50 books to read before you die. Subject to change if you shoot me an e-mail, tweet, or carrier pigeon. #SleepIsTheCousinOfDeath

Frank Ocean (Because People Care About These Things…Clearly)
The letter. #Leaked?
Lil Scrappy is (rightly so) worried about AIDS, but… #He’sNoDoctor
Busa Buss is as well-grounded as we all thought, right? #Woo-Ha
Russell Simmons and that Tyler guy offer their two cents. #PositivelyPositive
Synthesized thoughts on the Frank Ocean dealio. #What’sTheScenario?
More thoughts. #EveryoneWeighIn Stream the album…if you want to. #ChannelOrange
Pigeons and Planes talks about reviewing Channel Orange and extra nipples.
Projected album sales. #NumbersDon’tLie
#9.5? Really?

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