Another list from Max Bell.

People Like Lists (So Meta)
50 Greatest Batman Gadgets. Yes, more Batman. I pray it never ends.
The people who wear Supreme.
80 from the 80s.
P&P offers a list of the 10 most important West Coast indie hip-hop acts.
Meme’s about music.
P&P says Indie Rockers need to drop mixtapes.

People Ask Questions. Some People Answer.
Large Pro talks about Nas, Jay-Z, the beef, and drops more jewels.
Funk Flex talks to Nas about the album cover and his relationship with Kelis.
2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Pusha T speak briefly. Mostly just footage and “Mercy.”
Nas knows what we all do.
DJ Mustard talks about things.
Complex gets Trackmasters to talk about their hits.

Bill Said Life is a Stage
Letterman needs to get more excited before some dudes from Queensbridge pay him a visit.

You Might Rip This
Jay Rock and Childish Gambino rap.
Phony Ppl drop an EP for free.
Ever wonder what Skelethon would’ve sounded like with Blockhead?
Bronson gets blow jobs for his four year-old son and rhymes better than any Albanian ever.
Kweli, Curren$y, and Kendrick “Push Thru.”
8Ball in the corner pocket.
Beanie Sigel and State Prop.
That new Masta Ace and Doom project for those of you who have Spotify. I don’t. Rip it for me?
An “unfinished” track by Toro y Moi and that Tyler guy.
RZA is a big Bob Dylan fan.
Sir Charles D brings the noise to those atop the throne alongside Cormega and Large Pro.

You Might Watch This
How To Dress Well sings. It’s good.
Hot Chip make good music, but no damn sense.
Lil Wayne still looks uncomfortable on a skateboard.
Meyhem Lauren never smiles.
The xx make music for your latest mixtape.

Jack White sold his soul at the crossroads.
Most of what Meek and Drake say is bleeped out.
SB brings you Cousin Fik & DB.
Open Mike Eagle lost a couple of battles like MC Shan.
HoodGE3KZ ‘hung ova.’
Shawnna’s ass is…
Sean P continues to tell the truth.
A$AP Rocky “freestyles” adequately.
Nas looks back at his “juggernaut” (note: classic would’ve been safer) album Illmatic.
C-Plus and Lee Bannon do it better.

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Like and Shit
Blackalicous will re-release the long-sought EP Melodica.
Crooked I wants $1 million dollars.
P&P argue for the importance of PE. I would’ve gone in and I’m only 21.
MJ and what could’ve been.
B.G. gets a fourteen. He’ll be out in 2025. I’ll be 35. Damn.
Tech N9ne gets a gold-plaque for Everready.
Erykah Badu and Thom Yorke are on the new Flying Lo album.

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