Right in time for Shark Week, Tame Impala drop “Elephant.” I don’t care if the central guitar riff sounds ripped off from Black Mountain, who in turn are sharking Sabbath and Led Zep. I don’t care if they recruited psych-guru Dave Fridmann for album number two, a cliche only rivaled by asking Jon Brion to swaddle your songs in strings. I don’t care if Kevin Parker still sounds like he got the lead singer slot after winning a John Lennon impersonation contest. I don’t care if the White Stripes already called their album Elephant. I am willing to move past these things if you can.

Tame Impala write songs that sound like great B-Sides from albums I already love. So I love them. It’s that simple. As Police Chief Wiggum once said: this is jamming.


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